Haneco Downloads

We have a number of new downloadable flyers that make it easy to choose exactly what light you want. If you’re after LED panels, shoplights, oyster lights, strip lights or even solar amenity lights, we have brought together all the information you need at a glance.

Product Range Flyers

Haneco DUO Dimming Switch
Updated Feb 2018
Haneco FLEXION LED Strip Range
Updated July 2018
Haneco PARALLAX LED Housing Strip Range
Updated Feb 2018
Haneco SUNMAX Daylight Harvesting
Updated Nov 2017
Haneco TRIPROOF Outdoor LED Batten Range
Updated Feb 2018
Haneco VISTA & BLADE Indoor LED Batten Range
Updated Feb 2018
Haneco Popular LED Downlight Range
Updated Mar 2018
Haneco LED Shoplight Range
Updated Oct 2017
Haneco LED Highbay Range
Updated May 2018
Haneco LED Oyster Range
Updated Aug 2017
Haneco SOLARIS LED Amenity Range
Updated Aug 2017
Haneco LED Highbay Energy Saving
Updated Aug 2017
Haneco GALAXY LED Panel Range
Updated Aug 2017

Buying Guide

Updated May 2018

Haneco Catalogue

Haneco LED Lighting Catalogue
Updated Sept 2017

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