Emergency Light Kit

Self charging battery for light during blackouts


Offices, factories, warehouses, schools, corridors


  • Self charging Ni-Cd battery
  • Keeps lights on at emergency level for three hours
  • Test switch and indicator light

Emergency Light Kit ensures that lights remain on at a light level sufficient to allow people to see their way for three hours if there is a power failure. It is available as an optional extra with our LED panels GALAXY, the battens VISTA and TRIPROOF, as well as the oyster lights PLUTO and PURO.

Available Options:

Product CodeTest switchStatus indicationBatteryDimensionsSuits
EMLED-3Ah4m Length4m LengthNi-Cd 3.6V, 3.0Ah340x90x36mm
EMLED-2.4W-3h-60V-40PL4m Length4m LengthNi-Cd 3.6V, 3.0Ah340x90x36mmGALAXY series
EMLED-2.4W-3h-60V-60PL4m Length4m LengthNi-Cd 3.6V, 3.0Ah340x90x36mmGALAXY series





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