Bathroom Lighting

Beauty and function

Bathroom lighting is important.  The bathroom is the space that sets your mood for the day.  It should be both beautiful and functional.  It’s why you have spent so much time carefully selecting tiles and taps.

Decorative and practical

LED lighting is ideal for bathrooms because it is both decorative and practical.  You can dress up your mirror with striplights and get the necessary task lighting at the same time.

Haneco Bathroom Lighting Products

Our selected downlights are all rated as resistant to steam.  We also have striplights that can take the splashing you would expect in a wet area.


Bathroom Lighting Products

Bathroom Lighting

Fixed Downlights

VIVA Multi & VIVA – Diffuse lens downlights with white, black, brushed nickel or bronze trims

CORONA –  A flush diffuse lens downlight available with square or circular trims in white or brushed nickel

AURORA 80  – White circular trim, low glare downlight

AURORA 700 & AURORA 1000 – Bright recessed lens downlights with white, black or brushed nickel trim

AURORA CIRCLE –  Low glare but strong light in a range of sizes

COMET – Clear lens, faceted reflector, narrow beam downlight with bevelled trim in white or brushed nickel

AURORA SQ106 – Square trim flush downlight with diffuse lens.  White or brushed nickel

AURORA SQUARE – A range of powerful square downlights with a diffuse recessed lens for large bathrooms

Bathroom Lighting

Adjustable Downlight

DETAIL – Bevelled trim in black or white, clear lens with faceted reflector and water resistant

Bathroom Lighting

LED Strips

FLEXION – A flexible water resistant light strip for mirror surrounds or shadow gaps

Bathroom Lighting

Oyster Ceiling Lights

PURO 300 Multi / PURO 400 – Traditional design bright oyster ceiling lights

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