SKYPAD 150W Eclipsed

SKYPAD 150W Eclipsed

Its stellar performance notwithstanding, we regretfully announce the demise of the 150W version of our popular SKYPAD. The upstart 120W SKYPAD will take its place because its performance level is practically identical – a 17,320 lumen output compared to the 150W’s 17,700 lumen.

120W a better choice

When you take into account the extra wattage drawn by the 150W, the 120W is clearly a better choice with an efficacy of 144lm/W as opposed to 118lm/W. The 120W version is the same size and has all the features the range offers such as Sunmax daylight harvesting and the auto standby dimming system Intellisensor. 1 – 10V dimming is now standard on the SKYPAD range.

200W remains

The high wattage and powerful 200W option is safe and continues its reign as Haneco’s brightest highbay with an increase to 28,000 lumens at an improved 140lm/W.

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