VEGA gets some focus

VEGA lens upgrade

The latest model of the popular VEGA floodlight series has had its lens technology upgraded to asymmetric.  The 100° x 66° asymmetrical light distribution is much better suited to car parks and tennis courts than the 110° symmetrical light spread of the original VEGA because it concentrates the light exactly where it is needed.

Asymmetric lens

The smart optics of the new clear asymmetric PMMA lens for the VEGA 200W is a leap forward that creates a more even light distribution that is easier to aim from an elevated angle.   Instead of throwing out light in a broadly circular pattern, this lens shapes the light into an oval shape.  This improved intensity distribution allows you to spread the right level of illumination over a more precisely targeted area, which can mean that fewer lights are needed.  In a simulation comparing  the VEGA Asymmetric to the standard VEGA with both mounted at 8m high at an angle of 40 degrees, a one lux light level (good for car parks) was maintained out to 48 metres from the VEGA Asymmetric as opposed to just 38 metres for the standard VEGA.   It delivers a 25% better projection.

Super bright floodlight

Like its symmetrical 200W brother, the asymmetric emits  24,200 lumens, is made from enduring marine grade aluminium to suit beachside applications and can take an impact with an IK09 rating.  Naturally, it’s rated to take the weather at IP65.  Various accessories are available for mounting and added protection.

Less spillage

The VEGA 200W Asymmetric is a better directed beam that has the added advantage of reducing light spillage and glare with less light wastage on back walls or around the base of the mount.

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