VIVA 145 Fills the Gap

Renovators’ Friend

Haneco’s VIVA 145-TRI completes the VIVA family with a 145mm diameter LED downlight.  It’s ideal for retrofits of larger conventional downlights (the old ‘pot’ style downlights) that leave a larger hole to fill.   Most standard LED downlights are too small.  The VIVA 145-TRI saves messing about with adaptor plates or worse, replastering.

Tritone colour changeable

With flex and plug and an integral driver, they are easy to install.  They also have the convenience of Tritone which allows you to select warm white, neutral white or cool white depending on your needs.   Each colour temperature setting delivers over a thousand lumens, so there are certainly no issues with brightness.  And if that’s a bit much, the VIVA 145-TRI is dimmable.

Upgrade solution

The VIVA 145-TRI is a great upgrade solution that offers a quick fix for a problem that has to be solved sooner or later.  Because with a five times longer lifespan and an efficiency of 92 lumens per watt, the energy savings over conventional downlights makes their replacement inevitable.

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