VUE Apartment Corridor

Design & Construction

Haneco Lighting is proud to offer services to assist engineers and lighting designers in the planning stage of their work. We have been part of numerous major projects in this way including IBIS Hotel Adelaide, St Agnes Shopping Centre (SA), Rowlands Apartments (SA) and various Foodland Stores (SA).

Orientai Outdoor

Energy Saving Solutions

Lighting contributes substantially to the daily running costs of modern businesses. Haneco Lighting can provide assistance to those looking to reduce costs by replacing traditional light sources with LED. We offer retrofit lighting solutions that will not compromise light output or design of the existing fixtures.

C9W106R Brushed Nickel


Haneco Lighting offers an extensive commodity product range and superior service to electrical wholesalers and their customers. With four warehouses across Australia, we aim to keep high stock levels to ensure timely delivery of orders. Functioning display units are available for wholesalers to showcase the commodity range.

In-House Technical Consultant

Technical lighting advice and specific information about individual Haneco Lighting products is available by emailing or calling our head office on (08) 8297 6373.

Lighting Design & Simulations

We can produce lighting designs and simulations to help customers make their lighting decisions. All that is needed to get started is room dimensions, desired lux level and any product suggestions.

On-Site Consultations

We are happy to meet customers on-site to discuss lighting needs and propose potential lighting options for the situation. A quotation will be devised as a result and passed to the wholesaler.

Support Files

Haneco Lighting is happy to provide product IES files to help with lighting designs as well as test reports and certification documents on our products where necessary.

Customised Products

As a manufacturer, we have the flexibility to produce customised products. We hope our large range will cater to most needs but when it doesn’t, a  customised solution is an option that we are proud to offer.

Direct Replacement Warranty and Insurance

Haneco Lighting products are all covered by a direct replacement warranty, meaning that a new product will be provided as a replacement if the original fails within the warranty period. The warranty period offered is dependant on the product and will range from 3-5 years. All Haneco Lighting products are covered under product and public liability insurance for $20 million.

DIALux Lighting Simulation

In-house technicians are available to help customers with lighting design by using DIALux software. This software is able to accurately simulate and display the affect that specific lighting can have on a particular space.

Projects we’ve been involved in: