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About Us

Haneco Lighting has a presence right across the country with warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. With sales staff servicing all states and territories, we are truly a national company.

Our business is designing and manufacturing LED lighting for distribution via the nation’s network of electrical wholesalers. We also create lighting plans and simulations for everything from luxury hotels to supermarkets and factories. Our extensive range of LED lights is constantly expanding and quickly adapting to the demands of the market.

Haneco Lighting strives to position itself as Australia’s number one LED lighting distributor and solutions provider, with recognition for excellence in lighting design, after-sales care and technical assistance. The company is determined to remain a major player in the lighting industry by investing in R&D, continuing to create great products and caring about the customers’ experience.

Mission Statement and Values

Haneco does not content itself with simply producing quality LED lights at a competitive price. We invest heavily in research and development to keep ahead.

Haneco has attracted experienced and highly qualified designers and engineers who have driven Haneco’s culture of continuous change. The efficiency of our lights is improving all the time, lens technology is getting better and the ease of installation is always considered.

Our core values are Innovation, Ambition, Care and Excellence.

Haneco is committed to producing and distributing the best possible LED lighting in Australia. We understand both the needs of the market and of contractors for up-to-the-minute advances that are convenient and practical.

As an LED specialist, Haneco looks to provide an energy-efficient lighting solution for any application. We see ourselves playing a major part in the change from wasteful and unsustainable polluting energy technologies to a world where efficient renewable power is the norm. We aim to deliver better light at a lower energy cost.

Leading Design

Haneco Lighting is an LED specialist that has become a leading player in Australia. Haneco is steadily expanding and consolidating its position after an initial phase of rapid growth as a vanguard company in the conversion of inefficient and expensive conventional lighting to energy-saving LED lighting.

Haneco Lighting designs and manufactures LED lighting for distribution to Australia’s major electrical wholesalers. We excel in product development with a team that includes industrial designers, lighting development engineers and experts in R&D. The team has a proven track record in intelligent product development.

The lighting design team uses sophisticated software to generate lighting plans that meet the particular requirements of industrial or commercial spaces. With warehouses around the country, Haneco Lighting distributes its products to wholesalers backed up by superior Customer Support. Haneco consistently delivers efficiency and service to our customers.


In its early days, Haneco was awarded the in-business South Australia’s Fast Movers award for 2014 on the strength of achieving 315% growth in its first three years.

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