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Haneco Lighting

Haneco Lighting is an Australian specialist LED lighting manufacturer servicing the electrical wholesale industry. We make over 50 distinctly different LED lighting products with several models of each in different finishes, colour temperatures or wattages. Our main warehouse, head office and research and development facility is in Adelaide, South Australia. Here we also run our lighting design service along with product development. We have warehouses and representatives in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. The Northern Territory, ACT and Tasmania are covered by Business Development Managers to make us a truly national business. We even have an international outpost in Canada.

High standards

Our products are manufactured in China and meet Australia’s stringent safety standards. Our products are tested to ensure that the lights perform as the specifications promise. We are a member of Lighting Council Australia, the peak body for Australia’s lighting industry and a number of our major product lines have passed the strict testing regime required for them to be recommended for use in several state government energy savings schemes.  We are proud to play our part in the change to a renewable energy economy.

Innovation and efficiency

Haneco demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement by always adding better products to the range. We pride ourselves on innovation and strive to produce reliable quality products at a competitive price. We offer not only lights, but smart sensors and switches that enhance the energy saving capacity of an already highly efficient technology.

Growing business

We are a growing business dedicated to playing an important role in the change from inefficient conventional lighting to energy saving LED. As the marketplace becomes crowded with LED companies offering money saving solutions, Haneco’s proven track record and price competitiveness will ensure that we remain a major player in this field. We are committed to delivering better light  that uses less energy. Looking to the future, our investment in research and development is allowing us to move beyond the savings that LEDs offer to the innovations they promise.

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