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The word ‘innovation’ is bandied about in the LED industry. At Haneco we put our money where our mouth is with by really investing in innovation. We produce smart innovations in sensors and colour tuning by thinking about how things work in the real world. And we are always exploring new ways to make life easier.

We bring you a new level of control with lights that sense movement and brighten instantly, but then automatically dim when a room is vacated. And you are no longer wedded to the same colour temperature and intensity on the one light fitting with the flick of a switch allowing you to change when you want to.

Our Smarter LED Range

Tritone – switchable colour

With Haneco’s Tritone technology you have a single light fitting which you can switch between warm white, neutral white and cool white. It is ideal for changes in room use, décor or customer preference.

Ecoswitch – switchable half power

The Haneco Ecoswitch gives you the flexibility and convenience of switching between 40W and 20W for additional energy savings.

Emergency – 3 hour safety solution

Haneco offers a range of LED products with a self charging NiCad battery that automatically runs the light for three hours when power is lost. It is great for security/safety illumination during a blackout and often used in corridors and stairwells to illuminate exit routes.

Intellisensor – adjustable auto-dimming

Haneco’s Intellisensor allows you to save energy while managing standby lighting levels. You can set your auto lighting to suit each location and situation. You can control the full illumination time as well as the dimmed time and dimmed level. Daylight sensors let you take advantage of bright sunlight.

Sunmax – automatic sunlight utilisation

Sunmax responds to the level of sunlight and dims the light to save energy. As the daylight increases, the sensor lowers output, saving you money by making sure the luminaire doesn’t produce more light than you need.

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