FLEXION LED Strip Drivers

25/40/50/75/100/150/200/240 Watt LED Drivers for FLEXION LED Strip Lighting


  • Drivers rated for indoor or outdoor use
  • Dimmable LED drivers available
  • Extensive choice of wattages

FLEXION LED Strip Lighting Drivers are dimmable or non-dimmable.  Multiply the FLEXION led strip intensity (eg. 8W/m) by the length* (eg. 4m) to determine what driver is needed (eg. 32W, which means that the 40W non-dimmable HN-0040-24V of the dimmable 50W HD-0025-24V is suitable.

* More than one length of up to 10m can be operated from a single driver, providing the wattage used does not exceed the maximum driver wattage. Lengths over 10m are potentially subject to voltage drop.


Available Options:

ProductMax. WattIPCode
FLEXION 12V constant voltage driver75WIP67HN-0075-12V
FLEXION 24V constant voltage driver40WHN-0040-24V
FLEXION 24V constant voltage driver75WIP20HN-0075-24V-IP20
FLEXION 24V constant voltage driver75WIP65HN-0075-24V-IP65
FLEXION 24V constant voltage driver100WIP67HN-0100-24V
FLEXION 24V constant voltage driver150WIP67HN-0150-24V
FLEXION 24V constant voltage driver240WIP67HN-0240-24V
FLEXION dimmable 24V constant voltage driver25WHD-0025-24V
FLEXION dimmable 24V constant voltage driver50WHD-0050-24V
FLEXION dimmable 24V constant voltage driver200WIP67HD-0200-24V

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