LED Dimmers, LED Drivers & Smart Controls

Smart Controls

Haneco’s lights aren’t just fittings you turn on and off with a switch. We have a selection of optional smart controls that automatically respond to changing circumstances. Power failures won’t leave you in the dark if you have installed luminaires with our Emergency battery kit that keeps the light on at a reduced level for a couple of hours. Empty stairwells or warehouses that don’t have to be fully lit can be controlled by Intellisensor, an occupancy sensor that dims the light to a pre-set level when a space is vacant and brightens when someone enters the area. The obvious wastage of lights competing with skylights and windows and losing can be easily prevented with Sunmax, a daylight harvesting sensor that balances the light levels by diminishing the artificial light as the natural light takes its place.

LED Drivers

Haneco also has LED drivers for GALAXY LED panels that dim the panels and even effectively eliminate the imperceptible flicker of LED panels in long exposure environments. For FLEXION LED strip lighting there are dimmable drivers and a range of wattages to run various lengths.
Other dimmable drivers suitable for Haneco’s LED oyster lights, downlights and battens are available.

LED Dimming Switch

And for all the lights in Haneco’s range that are phase cut dimmable there is the DUO LED dimming switch. Take a look at the DUO LED dimmer flyer for an introduction to our LED dimmer.

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  • Dimmable LED Drivers

    Dimmable LED Drivers

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    Dimmable constant current LED drivers for Haneco LED luminaires

  • FLEXION LED Strip Drivers

    FLEXION LED Strip Drivers

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    25/40/50/75/100/150/200/240 Watt LED Drivers for FLEXION LED Strip Lighting

  • GALAXY LED Drivers

    GALAXY LED Drivers

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    Dimmable, non-dimming and flicker free LED drivers for GALAXY LED panels

  • DUO LED Dimming Switch

    DUO LED Dimming Switch

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    Trailing edge LED dimming switch

  • Emergency LED Light Kit

    Emergency LED Light Kit

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    Self charging battery for LED lights during blackouts

  • Intellisensor


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    Smart auto standby LED lighting solution

  • Sunmax


    Read more

    Adjustable daylight harvesting sensor for LED highbays SKYPAD and SUPERNOVA


LED Lighting.

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