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LED Highbays

LED highbays are one of the easiest ways to cut power use and save money. Large commercial spaces can see a return on investment within 18 months for products that have an effective life of a decade. LED highbays do away with expensive maintenance for the 50,000 hour life of the LEDs as well as being more than 50% cheaper to run than conventional metal halide.

• 50,000 hour expected lifetime
• 1–10V dimming to support daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors
• Industrial strength ratings against impact, dust and moisture
• Highly efficient

Smart sensors

Haneco’s LED highbays suit all sorts of situations. The 1-10V dimming means that you can choose auto-standby technology or the latest in daylight harvesting to increase your power savings. These smart sensors ensure that the light is not fully on when it’s not needed.
And the fittings themselves are tough enough to suit most industrial uses. Our bestselling SKYPAD and linear LED highbay MERIDIAN boast impact ratings of IK10. SKYPAD has a dust proof and water resistant IP67 rating. Slightly less rated for water, but still capable of taking the rain at IP65 are MERIDIAN and SKYLITE.

Cost-effective and specialised LED highbays

SKYLITE is Haneco’s most cost-effective LED highbay with luminous efficacy of up to 151 lumens per watt. The more specialised MERIDIAN proves its worth in tall packing racks with narrow aisles, which it lights without wastage.

Accessories available

There are all kinds of accessories available for the SKYPAD LED highbay such as diffusers, reflectors and wire guards. They are all compatible with one another.  Haneco’s LED highbays are a popular choice not just because they save you money. They are simply better luminaires than the old metal halides. If you want bright lighting that won’t diminish for years, then one of Haneco’s LED highbay range will do the job. For a helpful overview of Haneco’s LED highbays, take a look at our LED Highbay Range Flyer.

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