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Better Lens Greater Savings

Better lens, greater savings

Highbay lens duel

We are all familiar with the efficiency of LEDs steadily improving in the race to save energy. They keep on producing more light per watt. And then of course there are smart sensors that make sure the light is only fully on when needed. But the quiet revolution in LED technology is smart optics. Clever lens design can now direct the light to precisely where it is needed and reduce spillage. Lenses have improved to such an extent that a 120W highbay with a new generation lens can outperform a 200W highbay with a standard lens in a typical scenario.

Warehouse simulation

We ran a simulation comparing our 120 watt highbay SUPERNOVA with a lens array that produces a 70 degree beam angle with another of our products, a 200 watt SKYPAD highbay with a 110 degree beam angle. The simulation was a warehouse with 7 metre high racking. The mounting height was 8 metres with a 6 metre spacing between the lights and 6 metre wide aisles. You can check out the details on this PDF.

SKYPAD200W-V2 Vs SN120WS-70d

Light where it counts

The more powerful but wider beamed SKYPAD wasted light on the tops of the racks. Even though the SKYPAD was pumping out just under 10,000 lumens more than the SUPERNOVA, the lower output fitting directed more usable light to where it counts. The light level or lux recorded at floor level was superior for the 70° narrow beamed SUPERNOVA which recorded an average of 386 lux compared to 368 for the standard 110° SKYPAD. So the cheaper to run SUPERNOVA actually does a better job in these circumstances. This isn’t to say that the SKYPAD 200W is an inferior product – it has outstanding features and performance, but simply that in very specific applications the right lens can deliver better results.

Save money

All this demonstrates two important things. One is that a good lens can save you money in the long run. The other is that using a lighting design service with industry standard software isn’t just about making sure that things are adequately lit – it can save you a serious amount of money by determining exactly which light is the most efficient for your circumstances. Haneco offers professional lighting design for free, which can point you in the right direction for saving money.

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