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Brightening up Jarvis Toyota

Brightening up Jarvis Toyota

Just beyond the new Darlington interchange on South Road in Adelaide you will find Jarvis Toyota displaying a range of new and used vehicles in their prominent car yard. It’s a place that needs to be well lit and highly visible. The old Mitsubishi site in the immediate area is undergoing renewal and so too is Jarvis Toyota.

Try before you buy

They resolved to upgrade their lighting and to that end arranged for a trial of Haneco’s PARX floodlights on one of the poles in the car yard. Being keen to have arrestingly bright lighting to catch the attention of the passing traffic, Jarvis trialled three 300W PARX on one pole. The 300W PARX delivers 39,280 lumens, so three of them together emit a very substantial 117,840 lumens. You don’t want that sort of illumination spilling where it isn’t needed. The car yard isn’t in a residential area, so this isn’t critical, but supplementing the street lights on South Road would be an expensive and unnecessary exercise.

Brightening up Jarvis Toyota

Asymmetric lens

With its asymmetric lens the PARX concentrates the beam so that the light falls where it’s most needed. And in this case, that’s on the shiny bonnets of all those gleaming cars. The experiment convinced Jarvis to replace all their floodlights with groups of the PARX 300W, even though initially they thought it was just a bit bright. But the salesmen were so pleased with the reflection of the light on the cars that Jarvis decided to go ahead. The job of removing the old conventional lights and replacing them with up-to-date LED was completed by Laser Electrical.

Positively radiant

So one of the first things you will see as you exit the concrete tangle of the Darlington interchange and drive past the old Mitsubishi site is a positively radiant Jarvis Toyota.

Brightening up Jarvis Toyota

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