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Building a Brighter Future | Habitat for Humanity

Building a Brighter Future: How Habitat for Humanity Australia Empowers Families

Ever dreamed of owning your own home? A safe and secure place to raise a family, build memories, and call your own? For many low- and mid-income families in Australia and the Asia-Pacific, that dream can feel out of reach.

That’s where Habitat for Humanity Australia (HFHA) steps in. They’re the local branch of a global movement, Habitat for Humanity, which has helped millions of families around the world achieve the dream of homeownership.

Here at HFHA, they believe everyone deserves a decent place to live. They don’t just give handouts – they offer a hand-up. By partnering with families, they help them build or renovate affordable homes. This not only provides safe and secure shelter, but also builds strength, stability, and the foundation for a brighter future.

Building a Brighter Future | Habitat for Humanity

Haneco Lighting Australia Partners with Habitat for Humanity to Empower Vulnerable Families

In Australia, Habitat for Humanity Australia provides shelter solutions for vulnerable groups and low-income Aussie families. This safe haven is a powerful symbol of community coming together. It provides much more than shelter – it offers hope, support, and endless possibilities for women and children fleeing from domestic violence.

The new refuge will provide critical support services, including:

– Safe emergency housing
– Trauma-informed casework
– Counselling & legal services
– Healthcare access
– Remote court options for safety
– Advocacy support
– Onsite case conferences with Child Protection

By partnering with corporations like Haneco Lighting Australia, Habitat for Humanity Australia multiplies its impact. They can provide not only a safe place to stay, but also the resources and support these families need to rebuild their lives.

Haneco Lighting: Shining a Light on Hope

Haneco Lighting Australia is proud to continue partnering with Habitat for Humanity to create a safe and supportive environment for vulnerable families around Australia. We’ve recently donated a variety of quality lighting products to their new refuge in NSW, helping to make it a well-lit and comfortable space for those individuals and families experiencing hardship.

Haneco’s contribution to this new shelter included a range of lighting solutions to meet the diverse needs of the refuge:

ARCHISPOT Silver Outdoor Wall Pillar Spot Lights
– modern decorative lighting offering a robust outdoor solution including IP65 rating, and powder coated aluminium body for a longer lifespan.

WALL WASHER Outdoor Wall Lights
– designed to provide excellent optical control and reduce excess light spillage making it ideal for facade accent lighting

PROXIMA TRI Outdoor Floodlights
– sleek and robust twin lamp design for general security illumination

Habitat Residential Downlights
– slim, low profile design is perfectly suited for installations in shallow ceilings and mezzanines in residential applications.

VIVA Alto Residential Downlights
– sealed, lightweight, polycarbonate housing and integral driver of VIVA ALTO enables quick and easy installation

Building a Brighter Future | Habitat for Humanity

Haneco Lighting Australia is committed to giving back to the community. By partnering with Habitat for Humanity, we’re helping to build a brighter future for vulnerable families in Australia. This collaboration is a shining example of how businesses can make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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