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Using a Bulkhead light as a stylish security light

Using a Bulkhead light as a stylish security light

If you have ever spotted a circular or oval-shaped light on an outside wall, then it’s likely a bulkhead LED light. These lights are tough, vandal-proof outdoor lights that are versatile enough to be installed on walls or ceilings.

While traditionally, bulkhead lighting was seen as an industrial style, it now offers a modern and polished design for a variety of outdoor areas and can be suitable for warmer Australian climates (up to +50° ambient temperature.) Furthermore, bulkhead lights can effectively increase street appeal and create a more welcoming setting.

Using a Bulkhead light as a stylish security light


What are Bulkhead lights for?

The majority of bulkhead lights are used in commercial applications like public toilet blocks, schools, hospitals, and transport areas to help reduce the risk of accidents and tripping because they clear the shadow. However, residential use of bulkheads is increasing in popularity, with homeowners, builders and developers wanting to create a stylish outdoor light that also provides security.

Bulkhead lighting is used for security as it provides a bright, even illumination to a wide area, making it easier to see any potential security risks. It also deters intruders, as bright lights make it difficult for them to approach unnoticed. Additionally, the sturdy construction of bulkhead lights makes them resistant to vandalism or damage, ensuring continuous operation and maintaining visibility in areas that require secure surveillance.

A simple way to know if your lighting is sufficient to be used as security lighting is by testing if you can read a newspaper at night from an arm’s length.

Haneco’s Sensor and Emergency versions

Haneco’s bulkhead range offers four main options –

  • standard bulkheads
  • bulkheads with motion sensors
  • emergency bulkheads
  • emergency bulkheads with motion sensors

Motion sensors can turn lights on automatically when motion is detected, and off when sufficient daylight is detected.

Having lights on all day may help to deter crime but it is not always the most effective way, because it can increase your energy usage. So, choosing a light with a motion sensor comes in handy and is a perfect addition to your home alarm system.

Using a Bulkhead light as a stylish security light

Two types of Sensors: PIR sensors and Microwave sensors

There are two types of sensors used across luminaires; PIR sensors detect heat and changes in the ambient room temperature when a difference is detected the sensor is activated. Microwave sensors work by emitting microwave signals and measuring the time take for a signal to reflect back, this is known as echo time. When a change in the echo time is detected the sensor is activated. A comparison between PIR & Microwave sensors can be seen below.

Using a Bulkhead light as a stylish security light

The emergency version means the light will have an output of 120lm continuously for three hours thanks to the inbuilt battery backup. This allows for safe navigation in spaces in the event of a power outage. Having an in-built design means the light has all the features but still has a stylish and slim design.


Premium bulkheads that are built to last.

DAWN is a range of contemporary bulkheads available in various shapes, and wattages as well as sensor and emergency options. Its IP66 and IK10 rating, as well as a huge variety of accessories, make it ideal for outdoor applications such as apartment buildings, schools, and public areas.

A tough aluminium body gives DAWN a premium finish. Optional eyelid and grill accessories are available.


Everyday bulkheads that tick all the boxes.

Dawn Hero is a sleek and elegant, yet robust and vandal-proof bulkhead design. A retrofittable eyelid accessory is included in every model for increased flexibility and functionality. It’s perfect for the warmer Australian climate and suitable for up to +50°C ambient temperature.

A polycarbonate body makes DAWN HERO incredibly lightweight and also highly resistant to rust – the perfect choice for coastal locations.


Some bulkhead lights have signature design elements such as a thick rim, industrial pipe-like forms, or a caged frame.

Accessories are available for the DAWN Bulkhead LED lights can be seen with a ROUND EYELID (DNRND-EL270) that only fits the 20W or an OVAL GRILLE (DNOVL-GR280) only for the oval shape.


Bulkhead and oyster lights are both types of lighting fixtures with a similar style, but they differ in several ways:

  1. Shape: Bulkhead lights are usually round or rectangular, while oyster lights are typically shallow, circular fixtures with a diffuser on top.
  2. Installation: Bulkhead lights are usually mounted on walls, while oyster lights are typically mounted on ceilings.
  3. Purpose: Bulkhead lights are designed for security and outdoor use, while oyster lights are more commonly used for indoor general lighting and decoration.
  4. Light output: Bulkhead lights tend to be brighter and provide more intense illumination, while oyster lights provide a more diffuse and evenly spread light.
  5. Style: Bulkhead lights tend to have a more functional and industrial look, while oyster lights have a more decorative and aesthetically pleasing appearance.



PURO G2 is a LED oyster providing smooth light distribution and flicker-free technology. Tritone CCT selection, combined with sensor and emergency versions, makes it perfect for indoor residential applications.


DISCUS is a sleek, aesthetically pleasing oyster with a slim body profile and IP54 protection rating that makes this fitting the ideal choice in both indoor and outdoor applications. Intellisensor (MS) and emergency (EM) versions make sure all bases are covered.


DONUT is a decorative wall and ceiling luminaire with unique, smooth and light aesthetics. A magnet held centre plate and keyholes at the back ensure installation is a breeze.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at 1300 001 LED (533) or via Live Chat.

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