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Checking Hay while the Sun don't Shine

Checking Hay while the Sun don’t Shine

Pingelly is a wheatbelt town in Western Australia. It’s an agricultural centre with grain silos busy with trucks during harvest time. And it’s a place where an original use has been found for Haneco’s linear highbay MERIDIAN. Some of these trucks are carrying hay that needs to be inspected and, for various reasons, some of this work has to happen at night.
It turns out that the suitable light fitting for a hay bale testing bay is the MERIDIAN because not only does it provide the appropriate level of illumination for the task, its beam can be directed to where it’s needed at the right angle. The beam is wide but narrow – 40° x 130° – and the fittings can be mounted at the desired angle.

Checking Hay while the Sun don't Shine
Checking Hay while the Sun don't Shine

The job was done by Wheatbelt Electrics and consists of eight MERIDIAN 120W with low mount 40° x 130° beam angle delivering around 16,500 lumens each at an efficient 137 lumens per watt. The dust and waterproof IP65 rating comes into its own in these circumstances and understandably the client was rapt.

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