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DUO Dimming Switch

DUO Dimming Switch

One of the vexed issues with LED lighting is dimming. Although some systems that work with other forms of lighting can be adapted to LED there are complications that can result in a less than satisfactory solution. This is made even more confusing by the different dimming methods used with LED.

No hassle dimming

The best solution is to use a purpose built dimmer that you know has been tested with the fittings you want to dim. That way you can be completely confident it is going to work as it should. Haneco has created the DUO dimming switch for no hassle dimming. You can be sure that any of our compatible luminaires will work with it in the way that you expect. Its maximum load is 350W, which means that it can dim over thirty 10W downlights or eight 40W battens.

Integrated switch

The DUO dimming switch has a simple press on/off switch and a very simple 2 wire design for easy installation. All you have to do to turn it on is push the button. It is also subtly backlit so you can find it in the dark. If you don’t want either of these features, it’s simple to disable them or turn them back on.  This  downloadable flyer outlines the product.



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