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DURALITE Weathers the Storm

DURALITE Handles Rain and Blackouts

An outdoor light that is exposed to the rain should have an IP65 rating. Just to remind you of how the rating system works, the first number refers to solids and 6 is dust tight. The second number rates moisture resistance and a 5 means protection against jets of water from any direction. An IP65 light is something you can clean with the hose. DURALITE is rated IP66 which makes it suitable even for beachside locations.

Plenty of choice

Besides being weatherproof and made of durable polycarbonate, the DURALITE range offers two colour temperatures on the same unit so that you can choose between 4000K neutral white or 5000K cool white on the 600mm model. The larger 1200mm models double these options with a choice between two intensities – 18W or a powerful 36W. You can have bright and white or not so bright and not so white.

Keeps on keeping on

The final option is including a lithium emergency battery that kicks in when there is a power failure and keeps the light operating at a reduced level for three hours. DURALITE is perfect for exposed areas and situations where safety illumination is important.

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