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Fresh HACCP Food Grade Approval

Fresh HACCP Food Grade Approval

HACCP Australia

HACCP Australia is a leading food science organisation that certifies products as food safe and appropriate for use in food production and food handling areas.    Their slogan is ‘eliminate the hazard – reduce the risk’ and certification is based on a thorough assessment and physical examination of the product.  Generally a lighting product that meets their standards has to be non toxic, easy to clean and likely to reduce the risk of contamination.

Haneco HACCP Approved Products Certificate

Internationally recognized

The HACCP food grade/food safety certificate is internationally recognised and we are proud to say that the following products make the grade:


Lowbays: SKYCUBE

Highbays: SKYPAD with matte black steel cube accessory (FGSMK001)

Oysters:  PURO 300 Multi, PURO 400 Multi & PLUTO Multi


Chlorine vs polycarbonate

There are no problems using these lights in food preparation areas in cafes and restaurants, but we do understand that industrial food handling facilities are often disinfected with heavily chlorinated products that are sprayed far and wide.  Our SKYPAD and SKYCUBE fixings have acrylic lenses and are not affected by such exposure, but the polycarbonate body of some other products will deteriorate if continually exposed to high levels of chlorine.

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