Haneco Essentials

Haneco Essentials

The Haneco Essentials range has lights that can be used indoors and out, are decorative and practical, and even cover emergency applications. There’s everything from non-maintained emergency lights to warehouse highbays. They are the perfect solution for standard projects and retrofits in most circumstances and make choosing the right product for a project as easy as a trip to the supermarket to pick up bread and milk. Houses, schools, offices and warehouses can all find a place for one of this collection of lights.

Excellent specifications

All the Essentials are good quality up-to-date LED fittings with excellent specifications. The SKYLITE highbay 150W model, for instance, boasts an excellent efficiency of 151 lumens per watt. The outdoor batten DURALITE has an impressive IP66 weatherproof rating.

Cost effective SKYLITE

They cover a wide range of applications. For warehouses and large spaces there is SKYLITE, a super-efficient, sturdy LED highbay that sharply reduces energy costs and improves light levels. All models of SKYLITE are listed on the VEET, IPART and REES government energy savings schemes as accredited LED replacements for inefficient conventional lighting.

Haneco Essentials

Tough and dependable DURALITE

Anywhere an outdoor batten can be found is the place for DURALITE, a fully weatherproof (IP66) LED batten range that also has a very solid IK09 impact rating. Each unit has selectable intensities and colour temperatures. Emergency models come with a battery kit to deal with power failures.

Haneco Essentials

Emergency covered

If you need a dedicated emergency light to illuminate exits, there is LUME. With an up-to-the minute LiFE PO4 battery, LUME meets the regulations – it’s compliant with AS2293 – and lights the way in a crisis. And there are no problems covering it with insulation.

Haneco Essentials

ARCHISPOT has the look

The three styles of ARCHISPOT are just the thing for contemporary exteriors. These fittings look great illuminating exteriors and providing a welcoming entrance. ARCHISPOT comes with GU10 LED bulbs that are easy to change with the screw off lens, although the long-lasting LED bulb means that won’t be often.

Haneco Essentials

Classic gets an update

PROXIMA is a contemporary LED version of the classic outdoor security sensor light, but the bulbous PAR 38 globes have been replaced by sleeker LED luminaires. These can be adjusted up and down through 180°. There are four versions of PROXIMA available – one with a single lamp and no sensor, one with a double lamp and no sensor and versions of both with PIR sensors.  The PIR sensor is also easily positioned within 90°.

Haneco Essentials

Short shelf life

All the Essentials range are all well worth a place on the shelf or for keeping in the van. But they won’t stay there for long.

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