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Haneco Harry on LED strips

Haneco Harry on LED strips

G’day.  Haneco Harry here.  LED strip lights are all the go.  We used to just sell the strip – FLEXION- in 5m kits with a driver.  But now we have all the gear you need to really go to town.   Instead of sticking them out of sight under a shelf you can show them off in our special aluminium housing with polycarb diffusers.  It’s called PARALLAX and there are 9 different ones.  If you want to go under kitchen cabinets there are corner profiles with a round face that the light shines through or a square face.  There’s one that’s designed to clip into the ceiling like a long downlight.  You can even put them on walls as a sort of decoration.  Whatever the client wants.

There’s also a better choice of drivers so you can dim them or run decent lengths.  We still do the 5m kits with a driver, but you can pick up lengths from 50m rolls of FLEXION strip and match that with the driver that suits.  You have to choose from 3 intensities of the strip and the standard 3 colour temperatures, but it’s straightforward if you have a fair idea of what you’re after.

So now we’ve got indoor and outdoor strip, dimmable drivers and the aluminium profiles to set it all off.  To bring it all together there are accessories like sealant and connectors.  You can’t say it’s too hard to do LED strips now.

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