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An unforgettable night for Haneco: $10K Raised for Breast Cancer + Awards Galore

An unforgettable night for Haneco: $10K Raised for Breast Cancer + Awards Galore

Haneco Lighting was proud to receive Lighting Council Australia’s prestigious Sustainability Award, at the 2023 Awards for Excellence in Lighting, last night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney.

The award is given to an individual or company that has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to advancing the sustainability and environmental aims of Lighting Council Australia.

Haneco Lighting: A Leader in Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Haneco Lighting is a leading Australian lighting company that is committed to sustainability. The company is a pioneer in the adoption of LED lighting, providing energy-efficient and sustainable alternatives to traditional lighting technologies across commercial, industrial and residential applications. Founded in 2011 by Nicho Teng, Haneco’s advances and innovations in lighting technology have allowed for up to 90% savings in electricity usage and increased luminaire lifetime by up to 25 times longer. This has led to significant energy savings and reduced emissions, decreasing our carbon footprints and fighting climate change through sustainable lighting choices. Haneco remains committed to helping consumers and businesses do more to reduce their negative environmental impact. They provide education on the benefits of sustainable lighting and share a wealth of knowledge through various platforms on advancements in lighting technology.

Haneco offers a wide range of energy-efficient LED lighting products across numerous product categories: downlights, panels, battens, highbays, lowbays, linear, track, oysters, bulkheads, floodlights, spotlights, bollards, exit and emergency, lamps, lighting control, sensors, power control and more. Haneco’s motion sensors and daylight harvesting sensors deliver enhanced energy savings, as do their range of dimmable drivers for complete lumen output control (options are available to suit DALI and other global control systems). Haneco has a strong track record of developing new forward-thinking technologies that greatly improve the sustainability of lighting. For example, the development of Haneco’s wireless lighting control technology has opened up a growing number of ways to reduce our negative impact on the world by: significantly increasing energy efficiency through wireless dimming, two-way switching, automation such as dynamic multi-device scene control, schedules and timers; reducing installation time, costs and materials (by removing the need for additional proprietary cabling commonly needed for lighting control systems); as well as providing convenient remote control access and seamless integration with third party platforms to help further reduce costs and enhance lifestyle. Haneco also invests in many renewable energy projects such as electronic vehicle chargers, power storage units and portable solar power stations, among other renewable energy investments.
In addition to the ambition and drive for developing energy efficient lighting solutions, Haneco is also committed to using sustainable packaging materials and managing a low failure rate of products to reduce waste. They have a rigorous quality control process in place to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. Offering a long warranty period on their products ensures that customers are satisfied, and product quality is properly reported on and assessed for possible product improvement opportunities. Ultimately, by managing their failure rate, Haneco can reduce the amount of waste that they produce. Haneco is also committed to packaging optimisation, using renewable materials and greatly reducing plastics whenever possible. Haneco is passionate and committed to making a positive difference to the planet through technology and innovation, which is supported by the company’s long-standing corporate values of Care, Ambition, Innovation and Excellence.

In summary:

• Haneco’s products are designed to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Haneco’s packaging optimisation, product quality control and low failure rates effectively reduce waste
• Haneco’s dedication to educating consumers and businesses helps our global mission for sustainability
• Haneco’s partnerships with industry organisations and global charities that share the same values, further promotes sustainability across a wider range of markets and industries
• Haneco is proud to be a leader in sustainable lighting and is always looking for new ways to improve its products and practices beyond its success as a pioneer in the adoption of LED technology

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