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LED Bulbs | Eco Friendly Solution

LED Bulbs | Eco-Friendly Solutions

Designed with versatility in mind, our A60 and T40 lamps seamlessly fit into any standard light fixture, making them the perfect choice for your existing lighting setup. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, office, or restaurant, our lamps effortlessly blend in and elevate the atmosphere of any space. With a wide range of colour temperatures and dimming options available, our A60 and T40 lamps allow you to create the perfect lighting mood for any occasion.

Save Energy | 20-year lifespan*

LEDs are a better value for money than incandescent and halogen light bulbs and can be used in the majority of existing fittings. LEDs use about 75% less energy than halogen light bulbs and last 5 to 10 times longer, greatly reducing replacement costs and the number of light bulbs ending up in landfill.

*20 years is calculated by using the lamp for 2 hours per day on average.


How to Choose: Colour Temperature.

Here is a simple guide for choosing the right colour temperature in residential applications.

2700K (Warm White)

Offers a candlelight glow, perfect for homes with natural materials like wood, and woven rugs or traditional home styles for a cosy feel.

3000K (Soft White)

Ideal for bedrooms where a calming ambience is desired. Living and dining areas are also suitable to promote relaxation and warmth.

4000K (Neutral White)

Use this colour temperature in functional areas where brighter lighting is beneficial, such as in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

5000K (Cool White)

A bright and crisp colour output that is recommended for workspaces, garages and basements that don’t see much natural daylight.

6000K (Cool Daylight)

This casts a bright, crisp and cool (blue) light. Great for focus and enhanced visibility, yet creates a cold and sterile ambience.

How to Choose: Lumens.

Here is a simple guide for choosing the right colour temperature in residential applications.

400 lumens (4W)

Ideal for small rooms like toilets, pantries and laundries, or for when low light output is normally desired like in a lounge room or bedroom table lamp.

700 – 800 lumens (7-8W)

Great light output for most common residential rooms like dining areas, hallways and studies.

900 – 1000 lumens (9-10W)

Perfect for workspaces and functional areas, as well as being beneficial for rooms that do not have much natural daylight.

1200 lumens (12W)

Ideal for higher ceilings or larger spaces.

LED Bulbs | Eco Friendly Solution

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