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LED Panels

LED Panels

Gone are the days of the old fluorescent troffers in dropped ceiling grids. The dropped ceiling grids remain, but thin LED panels have taken the place of the old fluoros. LED panels are the new way of lighting places like offices and schools. Being LED, they are more energy efficient than fluoros. And being sealed, they don’t collect dust and insects.

Edge lit

Haneco’s MATRIX LED panels are edge lit and produce an even shadow free light that is perfect for working environments. Practically any ceiling grid will fit the range of sizes available. There are 5 standard sizes from 300 x 300mm through to 1200 x 600mm.


Various frames are available to make fitting the panels easy. Even plaster ceilings can be fitted with LED panels with our plaster recess frames.


The panels have remote drivers, which provides options for specialised applications. It’s possible to request dimmable drivers (phase cut, 1-10V or DALI). For long exposure environments for people who are especially sensitive to the flicker that most find imperceptible, there is a flicker free driver.

Correct colour

Besides offering a colour temperature of neutral white 4000K or cool white 5000K, the high quality colour rendering that doctors and vets require called cyanosis compliant is also available on request.

Limited choice

There really is not much choice when refitting the lighting in a dropped ceiling grid but to put in LED panels. They do all the old troffers did and more.

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