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Haneco, like any other company that supplies or manufactures LED lighting in Australia, has to comply with various regulations that are designed to ensure that LEDs are fit for purpose and not a hazard. To do this, all LEDs must be tested and assessed to check that they meet mandatory minimum standards.

Contractors must not install

But it’s not only suppliers or manufacturers who are obliged to pay attention to regulations. Electrical contractors must refuse to install non-compliant products and are responsible for installation safety.

Strange problem

One of the stranger problems that can be caused by lower quality or uncertified LEDs is interference with radio and TV reception. The interference results in a sudden loss of signal or picture quality when the lights are on. It’s pretty straightforward to see if your LEDs are causing the issue if the TV works fine without them on. The difficulty with doing this is that LEDs in a neighbouring house can also be the source of the problem. The neighbours might have cable TV or prefer being online and be unaware of the effect they are having. Untested LEDs can create a serious ongoing nuisance.

EMC standards

The Australian electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards CISPR 15 or EN 55015 mandated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) require test reports that show LEDs comply. Naturally, all Haneco’s products have been passed and will not suddenly interrupt the football or drive desperate neighbours to despair.

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