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Lighting Macca's

Lighting Macca’s

Haneco lights are installed in all sorts of businesses. The Smithfield McDonald’s in tropical Cairns in far north Queensland demonstrates some clever uses of our WALL WASHER and IKON tracklights. The WALL WASHER has an IP54 rating and is generally used as an outside light in protected locations as you can see in the picture above. But it’s just as effective as an architectural fitting inside as you can see in the next picture.

Lighting Macca's

A different effect is achieved using Haneco’s IKON tracklights as you can see below.

Lighting Macca's
The downlights are a combination of the adjustable DIONE with a narrow 45 degree beam and AURORA SQ with a brushed nickel square trim.  With Haneco fittings numbering in the millions nationwide, you never know where you might come across them.

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