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MERIDIAN Lights the Line

MERIDIAN Lights the Line

O-I is a manufacturing giant with a presence in 23 countries. They make glass packaging. In one part of their facility in South Brisbane they needed huge amounts of light on the conveyor system for bottles. They couldn’t light the area from directly above. Haneco’s MERIDIAN provided the solution with its wide but narrow 40° x 130° beam and capability to be mounted at the desired angle.

MERIDIAN Lights the Line

The right angles

As you can see, the conveyor is well lit from an angled position using a 120W, 16,400lm unit. O-I no longer have to contend with the glare of conventional highbays or floodlights and are delighted with the result. MERIDIAN is a great product for getting good light to spaces that are narrow and must be lit from height, such as warehouse aisles with pallet racks. But it’s just as good at getting a narrow beam to properly illuminate a specific area off to the side. For even higher mounting and better lit spaces, there is also a 30° x 70° option available in both 120W & 160W versions providing up to an impressive 21,000lm output.

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