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Highbay Lighting on the Straight and Narrow

Haneco has a new range of linear highbays specifically designed to light the racks in retail and storage warehouses. The lenses shape the beam so that light is not wasted illuminating the tops of the racks and is instead directed to what is on the shelving.

90% energy savings

MERIDIAN has advanced lens technology that can deliver up to 90% energy savings in tall racking*. The substantial energy savings can’t be ignored. MERIDIAN is fully optimised and economical aisle lighting. Designed with warehouse aisles in mind, you can choose between a high mount 30° x 70° beam for tall racks and ceiling heights from 8 to 15 metres or a low mount 40° x 130° for optimal illumination of lower heights and racks.
The beam is not only well directed, it is powerful and efficient. The 120W MERIDIAN pumps out 16,000 lumens at 133 lumens per watt. Picking errors can’t be blamed on poor light with that sort of output illuminating the shelves.


Here at Haneco we ran simulations comparing conventional lighting with MERIDIAN using industry standard AGi32 software. Without even taking into account the savings offered by smart occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors, the economies generated are seriously substantial.

Halide horror

Compared to conventional 400W metal halide, the high mount (30° x 70° beam) MERIDIAN 120W yields 84% energy savings with 43% fewer fittings.
The low mount (40° x 130° beam) MERIDIAN 120W needs 20% fewer fittings to deliver 77% energy savings over 400W metal halide.

Fluorescent nightmare

Even the less energy hungry fluorescents don’t come anywhere near matching the performance of the MERIDIAN 120W. The high mount (30° x 70° beam) MERIDIAN 120W saves 63% energy over T5 fluorescents (6x54W) with 30% fewer fittings. Pitting the low mount (40° x 130° beam) MERIDIAN 120W against T5 fluorescents (4x54W) resulted in another mismatch with 47% energy savings from 30% fewer fittings.
In terms of efficiency in the short and long term, MERIDIAN is clearly superior. They are also more effective in lighting what it is you need to see on warehouse shelves.

Industrial strength

As with all our highbays, MERIDIAN has 1-10V dimming as standard to accommodate daylight harvesting (Sunmax) and occupancy sensors (Intellisensor). It comes with flex and plug and can be surface mounted or suspended. There are 11 set surface mount positions to precisely angle the light. It is also dust proof and capable of handling the rain with an IP65 rating. Like the rest of our robust highbays these fittings boast an impressive IK10 impact rating. They can absorb solid knocks without blinking. They truly are industrial strength.

*Compared to typical metal halide highbay in 7m tall warehouse racking. Savings are a combination of lower energy use, fewer required fixtures and Intellisensor or Sunmax auto dimming functions. Individual situations may vary. Contact Haneco to estimate your specific requirements.

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