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PARX Powers up

PARX Powers up

The 300W PARX takes the crown as Haneco’s most powerful luminaire, pumping out an impressive 39,280 lumens. Not only is it intensely bright, it’s incredibly efficient.  131 lumens per watt puts it in the upper echelon of luminous efficacy. In other words, it gives you more flash for your cash.

Asymmetric lens

Like the rest of the PARX LED floodlight range (150W and 200W), the PARX 300W sports an asymmetric lens, which means that an already strong and efficient light has optimal beam distribution as well (beam angle 120° x 60° ). It means that from a typical high elevated angle the beam can be more precisely targeted to cover more ground than with a standard lens. The asymmetric lens also has the added advantage of reducing glare with less light wasted on back walls or around the base of the mount.

Likes to be beside the seaside

PARX is made from enduring marine grade aluminium to suit beachside applications.  Naturally, it’s rated to take the weather at IP65 and can take an impact with an IK09 rating.  If IK09 isn’t tough enough, you can add an optional wire guard for extra protection.  Various mounting accessories are available as well as a glare shield to further reduce light spillage.

Hitting the heights

PARX, as its name suggests, is perfect for large car parks. It’s also great for security lighting and recreational sports and for winter evening footy training – you can even have BMX under lights. The 150W is designed to be mounted at 5 -8 metres high, the 200W at 8-12 metres and the 300W is ideal for 9 -15 metre poles.  The 1.2 metre flex makes it simple to install and its long life (50,000 hours) saves you the hassle of continually changing bulbs 10 metres off the ground.  The PARX 300W LED floodlight has all the features you need in up-to-date outdoor lighting.

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