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Colour Me Amazed

Colour Me Amazed

Colourful LED strip lighting can be used to enliven all sorts of spaces. Haneco’s FLEXION RGB Strip is the perfect way to create the mood you are after. There are 15 static colours to choose from and 4 patterns to play with. You can make the light flash or strobe and control the speed it does it as well as the intensity of the light. It all adds up to 20 modes.

Colour me amused

The light can be programmed to do what you want via a straightforward and easy to operate remote control. The strip is rated IP54 so it is able to tolerate the odd spill in a bar. The FLEXION RGB strip is mostly a fun product for places where you relax, but it can find a more serious purpose as a way of bringing attention to shop signs.

Easy options

However you use it, you’re not stuck with one colour forever and can even revert to plain old white if need be. It’s easy to cut and install using the adhesive backing. You also have the option of fitting it into Haneco’s PARALLAX strip profiles. It’s a product that will keep you amused well into the future with a lifespan of 50,000 hours backed up by a 5 year warranty.

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