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SKYLITE LED Highbay is Here

No-one wants to spend more than necessary on workaday lights. If you have no need for mounting accessories or reflectors, SKYLITE could be your highbay budget solution. It’s a sturdy, no frills unit that pumps out the lumens you want at an efficiency that makes it incredibly inexpensive to run. The 150W version delivers 22,600 lumens at an amazing 150lm/W.  All standard models are already listed as compliant under the VEET, REES and IPART government energy saving schemes.

There are  120W , 150W  and 200W versions, all with 1-10V dimming and a 90° beam angle. The IP65 rating makes it a go anywhere light that you can hang wherever you like inside or out.

No-nonsense disc of light

The SKYLITE is a classic-look LED highbay that does away with the all the clutter and reflectors of old school metal halide fittings. You’re left with a no-nonsense disc of light that easily outperforms conventional highbays and lasts for years.

Smart functions

Simplicity of form doesn’t always mean simplicity of function. The 1-10V dimming supports Sunmax daylight harvesting and the occupancy sensor Intellisensor. With the Sunmax, SKYLITE lives up to its name by producing light when there isn’t enough coming through the actual skylight. With Intellisensor, it can be programmed to automatically respond to the presence of people and only provide maximum illumination when required.

Cutting edge materials

The 1.8m flex and plug means installation is straightforward with existing hanging points.   The graphene composite body is made from cutting edge materials to keep the price and weight down and is more than strong enough to suit its purpose, delivering a robust IK08 impact rating. Forget the bells and whistles, Haneco’s new SKYLITE is a high performance, low hassle industrial lighting solution.

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