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Haneco’s best selling highbay SKYPAD has been joined by the new super efficient SUPERNOVA. This very compact next generation highbay delivers an intense 16, 800 lumens at an extraordinary 140 lumens per watt to give you the level of efficiency needed in these times of rising energy prices.

Highbay Savings

The SUPERNOVA’S capacity to save power is backed up by its inclusion in the government energy saving schemes REES, IPART and VEET. If you need to make further savings, our new daylight harvesting sensor Sunmax can reduce wastage on bright days. Or our Intellisensor programmable auto dimming model ensures that the space is only fully lit when needed.

Life in the warehouse

The SUPERNOVA has a robust aluminium body that is perfectly adapted to the rigours of life in the warehouse and scores the maximum impact rating of IK10. It can take dust and the weather as well and boasts an IP67 classification to prove it.

Unique advantages

A cleverly designed polycarbonate lens combined with the distribution of the LED chips gives you a strong even light spread over 110° without bright spots or darker areas. If you really need to concentrate the light in situations such as narrow aisles in warehouses with tall pallet racks the SUPERNOVA has models with a 70 degree lens. The other unique advantages of SUPERNOVA are its ultra compact size at only Ø240mm, light weight 3.45kg and integrated 1-10V dimming.

Shared features

SUPERNOVA shares with SKYPAD a number of features such as easy installation with 2.5m flex and plug, high efficiency, energy savings, long maintenance free life as well as robustness and weatherproofing (IK10, IP67).

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