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Terrific Tritone Battens

Terrific Tritone Battens

The old school fluorescent battens were useful workhorses, but you wouldn’t exactly call them versatile.  You turned them on and off, put up with the flickering start and regularly changed the tubes as they failed while making sure the replacements matched the existing colour temperature.


All of that is in the past.  Haneco’s LED Tritone battens come on instantly and offer the choice of 3 colour temperatures on the one unit.  More than that, you can even choose between two intensities on some models to give you six options in one fixture.  If that is not enough for you there is the additional choice of an emergency battery for power failures and/or our programmable occupancy sensor called Intellisensor.

Easy to install

Haneco’s Tritone LED batten range includes indoor VISTA range and outdoor TRIPROOF range.  VISTA is a conventional look batten that is the perfect retrofit solution for schools, offices and anywhere the old fluoro battens turn up.  It has a 20mm cable entry with optional knockout at one end along with cables to suspend the light while attaching and wiring the body.  This makes for fast and easy installation.

Sturdy and Weatherproof

TRIPROOF is a sturdy IK08 fitting with the weather resistant IP65 rating you would expect from an outdoor light.  It features tamper proof stainless steel clips and, like its indoor cousin, is a no-hassle installation.

Highly Credentialled

All of our Tritone battens have a long life expectancy of 50,000 hours, backed up by a generous five year warranty.  In some states large retrofits are even more affordable if you use our Tritone battens listed on the VEET, REES and IPART schemes.  And it’s not just state governments that have given these innovative light fixtures the nod of approval.  The internationally recognised organisation HACCP has passed them as fit to use in food preparation areas.  Haneco Tritone battens offer great flexibility to adjust colour for both indoor and outdoor projects.  With their impressive energy efficiency and outstanding extra features it’s no wonder they are flying out of our warehouse.

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