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Time in the Sun is Free

Time in the sun is free

There are many spaces that get sufficient sunlight streaming through the windows at certain times to make expensive artificial light unnecessary. In a warehouse with roller doors the area in the immediate vicinity of the open doors is often bright enough. No-one wants to be constantly switching lights on and off during the day so there are always lights that are competing with the sun and losing. This means that you lose money. Sunmax is an adjustable sensor that lets you win this particular battle and cut your losses. It works by sensing the ambient light level and automatically dimming the light to keep to the same brightness.

Automatic light control

For example, in a warehouse with skylights and roller doors open on a sunny day, the lights fitted with Sunmax will dim to the desired light level. If you close the door and it clouds over, the light will increase to compensate. Sunmax has been designed to be mounted on our 1-10V dimming highbay lights SKYPAD or SUPERNOVA and used with any battens in our range that have the required 1-10V dimming. You can use just one Sunmax to dim a series of lights, so specific zones that are frequently bright enough can have their light levels automatically controlled. Sunmax can also be mounted on a bracket remote from the light.

Daylight Harvesting

Using LED can reduce your lighting costs by 60%. Using Haneco Sunmax can save you a further 20%. We call it daylight harvesting because you are maximising the available sunlight and keeping the light level in balance by letting the sun take over. And sunlight costs nothing.

Haneco SUNMAX Daylight Harvesting (Nov 2017)

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