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TRIPROOF Triumph at Tiddy Widdy

TRIPROOF Triumph at Tiddy Widdy

Haneco’s weatherproof LED batten TRIPROOF is being put to the toughest possible test at a fish cleaning station at Tiddy Widdy Beach. Facing the prevailing westerlies in a part of the world notorious for strong winds, TRIPROOF really has to live up to its IP65 rating here. If you look at the picture carefully you will notice that the gutter on the shelter with the blue roof has recently been blown off. So if you want to see if a fixing is genuinely sealed against dust and moisture, this is the place. Unsurprisingly, it has been the graveyard of many old fluoros over the years.

Shed light

You can also see that the fixings have been abutted  with the built-in aligners to make sure they line up perfectly.  We are confident that the TRIPROOF will tough it out and shed good clear task light so that cleaning and filleting tommies, garfish or, hopefully, King George whiting and snapper after a day’s fishing is as hassle free as it can be.

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