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Triproof Yellow/Green | Weatherproof Battens

TRIPROOF Yellow and Green are weatherproof LED battens with a striking robust design and suitability for higher ambient temperatures.

This model offers specific Yellow and Green colour outputs, Yellow suitable for attracting fewer bugs than traditional white lights and Green for eyewash bay areas.

Why Green? 

Eyewash Stations (Green Battens)

Triproof Yellow/Green | Weatherproof Battens

In safety-critical areas like eyewash stations, Triproof Green Battens are deployed. The green light emitted by these fixtures aligns within the green spectrum which is the peak sensitivity colour of human photopic vision.

Green light is the last colour human eyes perceive when visibility is compromised, making it highly visible in emergency situations. Moreover, the use of green light in industry has become a recognised standard to signify the presence of eyewash stations, enhancing safety awareness.

Why Yellow?

Insect-Sensitive Areas (Yellow Battens)

Triproof Yellow/Green | Weatherproof Battens

Triproof Yellow battens were installed along the perimeter of a building in an industrial production facility where preventing insect intrusion was paramount.

The yellow light emitted by these battens falls within the visible spectrum for insects. However, the LED chip used produces light primarily at 580 nm, a wavelength that is least attractive to insects. This choice of colour effectively minimised insect attraction, reducing the risk of contamination in sensitive manufacturing processes.

Positive impacts 

Insect Contamination Prevention: The implementation of Triproof Yellow Battens successfully reduced insect attraction in sensitive production zones. This safeguarded product quality and minimised the risk of contamination.

Enhanced Safety: Triproof Green Battens in eyewash stations improved visibility during emergencies. Employees could quickly locate the stations, aiding in immediate response and proper safety measures.

Regulatory Compliance: The use of green light for eyewash stations aligned with industry safety standards and regulations. This choice helps facilities maintain compliance with workplace safety guidelines.

Operational Efficiency: The specialised lighting solutions led to improved operational efficiency by mitigating the risk of insect-related disruptions and ensuring rapid response in critical situations.

Recommended applications 

The application of Haneco Triproof Yellow and Green Battens effectively addressed the complex lighting needs of manufacturing’s insect-sensitive and safety-critical areas. By tailoring the lighting solutions to the unique visual capabilities of insects and humans, the facility could achieve improved product quality, enhanced safety, and regulatory compliance. The implementation positively impacted both employee well-being and operational resilience, reinforcing commitment to excellence and safety in every industrial processes.

Balconies / Patios / Verandah, Awnings, Garage, Shed, Carport, Side of Building, Carpark, Store Rooms, Hangers, Workshops, Manufacturing Facilities, Public Facilities, Temporary Installations, Outdoor Recreation, General Industrial, Area Lighting

Triproof Yellow/Green | Weatherproof Battens

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