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Why change from fluorescent to LED?

Why change from fluorescent to LED?

The most compelling reason to switch to LED battens is simple. It’s cheaper in the long run. LEDs cost half as much to run and don’t require anything like the maintenance demanded by fluorescent tubes.

Return on investment

The investment in new fittings can be paid off in less than 3 years with the energy and maintenance savings alone. The new fixtures have the huge advantage of a long life – they will still be emitting 70% of their original brightness after 50,000 hours of use. Considering that around 3,000 hours is an entire year of 8 hours use a day, this equates to over 16 years of regular use. The drop off in brightness for fluorescents may not be as dramatic as for other conventional light sources, but after a few years they do fail and must be replaced.

Fluorescent hassles

There are other reasons. LED battens are much more robust and can take a knock without blinking. Anyone who has bumped a fragile fluorescent tube with a ladder and contemplated the clean-up will appreciate this distinct difference. The other disadvantage of fluorescents is somewhere among the shattered glass – toxic mercury. The danger posed by the tiny amount in fluorescent tubes is negligible, but the accumulation of these tiny amounts in landfill adds up to a problem that means you are not allowed to just toss dead tubes in the bin.

Versatile LED

Finally there is versatility. LEDs switch on and off instantly without any problems for the chips. This means you don’t have the flickering start that fluorescents have, but it also means that the LED luminaire lends itself to all manner of smart sensors and innovations. Haneco’s sturdy outdoor TRIPROOF battens (proof against dust, moisture and impact) and indoor VISTA come with Tritone, three colour temperatures on the one fitting. You can switch between them and choose from warm white, neutral white or cool white. This means that you can install the light and then decide what colour temperature is the right one for your circumstances in the place where it really matters.

Extra options

You can double your options on the Tritone TRIPROOF and VISTA because they also include Ecoswitch, which allows you to select between a 20W and a 40W intensity. So there are six settings possible on these versatile fittings. And you can add to that a self-charging emergency battery that keeps the light on during power failures for three hours. Other models are compatible with both the emergency battery and an occupancy sensor called Intellisensor that automatically dims the light when no-one is around.

Switch to LED

So, switching to LED saves money in the long term and saves you the hassle of replacing toxic tubes. It also gives you heaps of extra options that deliver both convenience and a reduction in energy use.

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