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PURSOS® SHP V3.1 Premium Edition

Innovative and durable stadium lighting solution

Key Features

The PURSOS® SHP V3.1 Premium Edition is the newest, most advanced PURSOS model, optimised for stadium lighting and supporting the latest TV broadcasting standards. It features a compact, lightweight design with a sleek appearance and remote electrical gear box option. The system offers ultra-high light efficiency, five light distributions, and precise optical design for various applications.

It includes DMX-RDM and DALI 2 dimming interfaces, and an e:cue control management system for comprehensive lighting control. Ideal for stadiums and multi-purpose areas, it delivers excellent lighting while significantly reducing energy costs without compromising on performance.

  • Range of power and optical options
  • Meets HDTV broadcasting standard
  • DMX-RDM, DALI 2 dimming interface
  • Remote control gear (198-440V)

PURSOS® SHP V3.1 Premium Edition

Glossary of Terms
Product CodePowerLumenEfficacyCCTDatasheet
PSS800W957ASYDMX800W9200lm1500 lm/W5700 KDOWNLOAD
PSS1000W957ASYDMX1000W115000lm1500 lm/W5700 KDOWNLOAD
PSS1200W957ASYDMX800W9200lm1500 lm/W5700 KDOWNLOAD
PSS1500W957ASYDMX1200W138000lm1500 lm/W5700 KDOWNLOAD
PSS1600W957ASYDMX1600W184000lm1500 lm/W5700 KDOWNLOAD
PSS1800W957ASYDMX1800W207000lm1500 lm/W5700 KDOWNLOAD

Photometric Diagrams

  • UWB
  • UNB
  • NB
  • MB
  • ASY

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