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Versatile and reliable LED Floodlight

Key Features

The SIMPLITZ® Floodlight FINESSE features a classic appearance design, featuring robust and enduring die-cast aluminium housing and high-strength tempered glass. With a wide range of power options, from 50W to 300W, and optical options it can accommodate various lighting requirements. The optical design is flexible, offering symmetric and asymmetric light distributions ranging from narrow beam angle to ultra-wide beam angle, making it suitable for a range of applications, including area lighting and facade illumination.

Equipped with a high protection rating of IP66 and IK08, it effectively prevents dust and water ingress, while demonstrating excellent resistance to impact, adapting to various complex environments. Its high-efficiency design ensures a long-lasting and stable light output, maintaining superior luminous efficacy throughout its service life.

With an easy to install and maintenance system the SIMPLITZ Floodlight FINESSE not only achieves excellent lighting effects but also significantly reduces investment and maintenance costs.

  • Range of wattages
  • Range of symmetry and asymmetry optical options
  • Durable aluminium housing and tempered glass cover
  • IP66 and IK08 rated
  • 10 year warranty


Glossary of Terms
Product CodePowerLumenEfficacyCCTDatasheet
SIMFL70W750ASW70W10850 lm155 lm/W5000 KDOWNLOAD
SIMFL100W750ASW100W15500 lm155 lm/W5000 KDOWNLOAD
SIMFL150W750ASW150W22500 lm155 lm/W5000 KDOWNLOAD
SIMFL200W750ASW200W3000 lm155 lm/W5000 KDOWNLOAD
SIMFL240W750ASW240W36000 lm155 lm/W5000 KDOWNLOAD
SIMFL300W750ASW300W45000 lm155 lm/W5000 KDOWNLOAD

Photometric Diagrams

  • SMB
  • EWB
  • ASW


  • 70W100W150W
  • 200W240W
  • 300W350W

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