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Reliable, back-lit LED panel


  • Available in 4000K or 5000K
  • Available in 300 x 600mm, 300 x 1200mm, 600 x 600mm, 600 x 1200mm
  • Available in 18W, 28W, 36W, 48W
  • Low glare design
  • Sturdy powder coated steel housing
  • Excellent light distribution
  • Complete with remote control gear
  • Optional dimmable driver
  • Complete with flex and plug for easy installation
The MATRIX is a reliable, back-lit LED panel designed to be a high performance, energy efficient panel with a low glare design ideal for general illumination in all kinds of commercial applications.


Offices, Schools, Commercial


MATRIX 300mm wide

300mm X 600mm
MATRIX18W0306-4K300 x 600mm4000K18W1760lm98lm/WDOWNLOAD
MATRIX18W0306-5K300 x 600mm5000K18W1760lm98lm/WDOWNLOAD

MATRIX 300mm wide

300mm X 1200mm
MATRIX28W0312-4K300 x 1200mm4000K28W3230lm115lm/WVEU; IPART; REESDOWNLOAD
MATRIX28W0312-5K300 x 1200mm5000K28W3100lm111lm/WVEU; IPART; REESDOWNLOAD
MATRIX36W0312-4K300 x 1200mm4000K36W4120lm114lm/WVEU; IPART; REESDOWNLOAD
MATRIX36W0312-5K300 x 1200mm5000K36W3950lm110lm/WVEU; IPART; REESDOWNLOAD

MATRIX 300mm wide + Surface Mount Plaster

340mm X 1270mm
SMF-MTRX28W-4K340 x 1270mm4000K28W3230lm115lm/WDOWNLOAD
SMF-MTRX28W-5K340 x 1270mm5000K28W3100lm111lm/WDOWNLOAD
SMF-MTRX36W-4K340 x 1270mm4000K36W4120lm114lm/WDOWNLOAD
SMF-MTRX36W-5K340 x 1270mm5000K36W3950lm110lm/WDOWNLOAD

MATRIX 600mm wide

600mm X 600/1200mm
MATRIX28W0606-4K600 x 600mm4000K28W3050lm109lm/WDOWNLOAD
MATRIX28W0606-5K600 x 600mm5000K28W2980lm106lm/WDOWNLOAD
MATRIX36W0606-4K600 x 600mm4000K36W3888lm108lm/WVEU; IPART; REESDOWNLOAD
MATRIX36W0606-5K600 x 600mm5000K36W3810lm106lm/WVEU; IPART; REESDOWNLOAD
MATRIX48W0612-4k600 x 1200mm4000K48W5870lm122lm/WVEU; IPART; REESDOWNLOAD
MATRIX48W0612-5K600 x 1200mm5000K48W5880lm121lm/WVEU; IPART; REESDOWNLOAD

Photometric Diagrams

  • MATRIX18W0306-4K
  • MATRIX36W0312-4K
  • MATRIX36W0312-5K
  • MATRIX36W0606-4K
  • MATRIX36W0606-5K
  • MATRIX48W0612-4k
  • MATRIX48W0612-5K


  • 600mm x 600mm
  • 1200mm x 300mm
  • 1200mm x 600mm

Optional Accessories

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