Who Uses Haneco Lighting Products?

Those who switch to LED lights are always amazed at how much money they can save on both electricity and maintanence costs. In addition to the money savings, LED lighting is also environmentally friendly and helps minimise the effect of global warming. Haneco Lighting has a product range that can enhance the aesthetic look and ambience of any business. It has been the chosen brand for a large number of businesses across South Australia. See who uses Haneco Lighting Products

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Energy Calculator

Considering changing traditional lights to LED? Find out what the LED equivelant alternative would be as well as seeing how much money you could save:
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Latest Products

Haneco Lighting is dedicated to being an industry leader. We scan the globe for the latest technology and premium components to consistently add new products to our range.

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If you need some help choosing your lighting, click here for some tips and suggestions from the Lighting Council of Australia.