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In 2011 Nicho Teng decided to use energy-efficient LED lights in property development in Adelaide. It proved such an inspiring success that he created his own LED lighting business. Haneco is now a leading manufacturer and designer of these new generation lights. The company achieved this by investing in research and development, providing new and better products and allowing the business to outpace competitors in a rapidly changing field.

Early Days

The company began its operations in Edwardstown in Adelaide, approaching businesses, specifying LED alternatives, manufacturing and supplying the lights and then installing them and providing maintenance. Customer satisfaction with the products and services led to expansion with a retail outlet and showroom on Anzac Highway.


In common with the development of LED, Haneco has grown rapidly, with the company winning the in-business South Australia’s Fast Movers award for 2014 with 315% growth over its first 3 years.

Wholesale Change

Haneco initially used a direct sales approach, but, as the company grew, it changed to a wholesaler business model. The Anzac Highway showroom was closed and P&R Electrical, one of the largest independent electrical wholesalers networks in Australia, became the first to include Haneco’s LED lighting in their range.

More wholesalers soon followed and company director Nicho Teng was obliged to move from the original facilities: “The business had outgrown the Edwardstown premises to enable it to sustain the volume of lights that were needed to keep up with the pace and demand of the market.”

We deal with wholesalers that have solid industry knowledge, trusted trade partnerships and quality sales staff. But this doesn’t mean merely supplying products and leaving dealing with customers to someone else. Haneco provides service before and after the sale and strives to ensure that any problems are promptly resolved.

Continued Growth

Moving to a wholesaler model proved to be a great success by not only providing access to new markets but establishing trust and enhanced the reputation of the company among the industry.

It has accelerated Haneco’s expansion nationwide and fueled the continued growth that has seen the company move yet again in 2016 to its current substantial warehouse, office and R&D facility behind the Adelaide airport in Netley.

Not only does the company make and distribute lights, but its in-house experts also provide advice and lighting designs for a whole range of clients. Our team creates designs for everything from luxury hotels and shopping centers to car parks and country bowling clubs.

Business Success

Fundamental to Haneco’s business success is a genuine passion for the way our products can save energy without compromising style or performance. It underpins everything from the friendly enthusiasm of our sales team to the innovations emerging from the research and development facility in Adelaide.

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