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Office, School, University Lighting

Concentration and Productivity

Offices and classrooms need to provide the optimal environment for concentration and productivity.  From reception areas to corridors, schools and offices present lighting challenges; Challenges which are easily met with Haneco’s range contemporary LED panels and battens that ensure highly effective and efficient task lighting.

Savings and Safety

With equal importance to concentration and productivity is safety and controlling operating costs. LED lighting allows installation of lights which are high performance, energy efficient with a long life-span, which helps to reduce maintenance costs. To further reduce operating costs you can add our Intellisensor adjustable auto-dimming sensor which will ensure spaces are never lit whilst not in use. Increase safety in buildings by installing wayfinding lights which are equipped with an emergency battery which will keep them illuminated during power failures.

Office, School, University Lighting Products

Office, School, University Lighting

LED Panels

GALAXY – A range of sleek panels in several standard sizes with numerous accessories 

Office, School, University Lighting

LED Battens

TRIPROOF – Vandal resistant indoor/outdoor battens available with Emergency and Intellisensor

VISTA – Conventional indoor battens available with Emergency and Intellisensor 

Office, School, University Lighting

Wall Lights / Oysters

FOCUS – Round weather resistant outdoor wall light

LUNA – Oval  exposed area outdoor wall light

PURO 300 Multi, PURO 350, PURO 400 Multi – Oyster lights for indoors and outdoors

PLUTO Multi – Outdoor oyster light with 3 colour temperatures and available with emergency battery

CALEO – Sturdy security light

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