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50m flexible, trimmable LED strip


  • Flexible LED strip lighting roll which can be cut to length.
  • Quality 3M double sided tape makes mounting on curved surfaces a breeze
  • Available in warm white, neutral white and cool white
  • Strips can be cut at 167mm intervals
  • Available in 3 intensities
  • Dimmable drivers available
  • 5 year warranty
  • High intensity 15W/m, 1470lm/m
  • Medium intensity 8W/m, 720lm/m
  • Feature lighting 5W/m, 370lm/m
FLEXION LED strip lighting roll is easy to cut and mount in any place your imagination fancies. Choose the appropriate minimum driver wattage by multiplying the length by the watts per metre (W/m). 
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Cafes, restaurants, lobbies, stairs, general back lighting, cove lighting, feature lighting, shadow gaps


High Intensity15W/m3000KIP201555lm/mFS15W1MWW-IP20X50MDOWNLOAD
High Intensity15W/m4000KIP201660lm/mFS15W1MNW-IP20X50MDOWNLOAD
High Intensity15W/m6000KIP201564lm/mFS15W1MCW-IP20X50MDOWNLOAD
Medium Intensity8W/m3000KIP20740lm/mFS8W1MWW-IP20X50MDOWNLOAD
Medium Intensity8W/m4000KIP20808lm/mFS8W1MNW-IP20X50MDOWNLOAD
Medium Intensity8W/m6000KIP20784lm/mFS8W1MCW-IP20X50MDOWNLOAD
Feature Intensity5W/m3000KIP20382lm/mFS5W1MWW-IP20X50MDOWNLOAD
Feature Intensity5W/m4000KIP20410lm/mFS5W1MNW-IP20X50MDOWNLOAD
Feature Intensity5W/m6000KIP20398lm/mFS5W1MCW-IP20X50MDOWNLOAD

Photometric Diagrams

  • FS5W1MWW-IP20X50M



Optional Accessories

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